Balanced & Whole - Crown Chakra

Playing With Light

We are a flame you see.

A light.

Come with me awhile and listen.

You need matches, a bit of air.

Strike, make fire, a gift we have.

The flame flickers.

Our heart beats.

We can do much more than make a flame dance.

We can create.

Make beauty.

We can destroy, with one blow.

This flame that dances within.

This body.

This mind, heart & soul.

Look carefully now, go deep.

What makes it dance with joy?

Glowing, bright & beautiful.

Light up the world.

Julie Ivison

Everyone of us has a choice in life.

To be happy or not?

No matter what happened in our past, no matter what happened 10 minutes ago, no matter our health.

There is light - peace, love, joy, compassion, warmth.

There is dark - anger, hate, grief, anxiety, cold.

If you hold a ball in each hand.

One is light and sparkling

One is dark with suffering.

Which will you use to spin and play with.

The light ball takes you up, maybe there is heaven here on earth.

The dark ball takes you down, to the hell of suffering.

Learning  to realise which game you are playing is easy, how are you feeling?

Most of us play with light and dark.

Sometimes we can't avoid the dark ball.

But we have two hands ❤

Often we are passed a ball, if it's light, let it bring you joy.

Please pass it around.

If it's dark - Drop it. 

What games do you play with others?

If you want to suffer, it's easy.

There's always a reason.

Yoga & Ayurveda help you remain balanced, so you can see what you are holding in your out stretched hands.

Keep walking towards the sunshine.

Perhaps this is enlightenment?

"The way I am right now is of my making.

The way I will be tomorrow will also be of my making.

This is karma

This is the most dynamic way to exist."


There's no end to learning......

It's time to start the classes again.

Which ones do you need?

Learn more each time you practice them.

Go deeper, each time.

Become Stronger

More flexible.

Keep your circle growing, spiralling.

Interconnecting with all of life


Buddha's Blessings available to guided students.

Bird Song

Finish the last weeks of Bird Song

Teaching Meditation

The colour meditations have taught you a little about crystals.

If you want to learn more The Book Of Stones is a wonderful guide.

Inspiring & full of positive affirmations.

What crystals do you have? 

A diamond on your finger perhaps?

Rainbow Teachings

Crown Chakra

Note B


Whole Body & Mind

The course will be ever changing and feedback is so much appreciated.

It will help me improve it over the years.

Thank You 

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6/12/2022 - 

The beauty of this course is I am practicing it and learning so much more myself.

I have stayed true to the teachings and made them modern.

I am so grateful for the teachings, the wisdom.

But it is not from my roots.

I was listening to one of Echarts 15 minute talks and afterwards it flicked to an add. They are usually a red flag but I didn't realise I was being drawn into an add! 

So I clicked on the link, paid my money and walked into my Celtic roots. A coincidence that it is my second year and I am back on the Earth Element, belonging, my roots? I don't think so.

It is wonderful to realise it was the women's spiritual teachings that were missing. Thats why I was feeling so sad. My great, great, great grandmothers teachings.Not destroyed, not forgotten, but hiding, waiting for the right time.

The energy is very similar with 8 chakra or roses. I am meditating upon "the rose of the heart" at the moment and healing, learning about my dreams, growing the internal garden of my mind. Planting seeds, trees, flowers. My outside environment is beautiful and now I am tending to my heart and spirit. Going deeper. I have settled, found my Australian home again.

I have not walked away. I am still practicing the beautiful yoga tradition but I am integrating it into my own. 


This second year. Start a course connected to your ancestors. Grow your roots.

*In Scotland 

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, apologized on behalf of the government for the killing and vilification of thousands of women accused of witchcraft between the 16th and 18th centuries. Throughout Europe, throughout the world the wise and powerful women, the herbalists, the midwives, the healers, hid or were murdered and the world still weeps for their feminine grace.

I have found the connection to my women, a web, intricate, beautiful, feminine, gentle, graceful.

Go find yours........

The feminine spirit is awakening in you and the world.


Self - Love

Donations appreciated

October 2nd 2022 - My Journal

Runswick Bay - England

Runswick Bay - England

I was planning for the last 7 weeks of my yoga classes before Christmas

Perfect for a journey through the chakra.

I had so many idea's on what to teach and was feeling a little overwhelmed.

My mind has been busy.

Iv'e been waking at night again.

So I thought...practice your first class. The Gentle/Relaxation Class.

I found it difficult!

It was so slow and I had to move out of some of the longer holds.

I felt irritable but I stayed and didn't turn the class off. I listened.

By the bridge my mind had settled and a deep peace washed over me. I realised I hadn't felt this for a long time. Maybe the most peaceful I have ever felt.

I'd breathed my irritability away and reconnected with the earth element and base chakra.

I want to stay.

I need this energy again.

I want to practice this class every day!

I'm beginning the course again.

It's my gift to myself.

Every thing I feel I am doing to help others.

Helps me the most.

With love Julie