Series One -The Heart of Yoga

Class One starts with your feet and Class Seven ends with your mind.

The classes slowly move up your body and up your spine.

Begin with the 1 hour Hatha Alignment Workshop below.

Beginner to advanced.
Slowly and carefully I take you through the foundation Hatha Postures.
Learn safe alignment and how to adapt your yoga practice, learn how to be gentle ond how to move deeper.
In class we keep going back to these foundation postures, always learning a little more, becoming more aware of body and mind as we practice.
My classes have been carefully planned and taken me 2 years to complete and you will experience the many types of yoga & meditation.
This is just the beginning of your practice........

WATER & Sacral Chakra

Class Two - Time to flow

This is a lovely class to practice once you have spent time practicing the foundations of yoga series and feel pretty confident with alignment, your breath and how to engage your core.

It is a class with a physical focus on the lower back and hips and a spiritual focus on the water element. 
Beautiful flowing movement followed by yin yoga for flexibility, stillness and reflection.

As your body stills, your mind quietens and you begin to hear your inner voice, your inner wisdom
The questions asked in this class
What things do you love doing?

I practiced it today myself, more than a year since I filmed it and loved it.
It was filmed in December 2019.
The birds made it special
I hope you love it too
Namaste Julie

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Donations Appreciated

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FIRE & Solar Plexus Chakra

Class Three - Full of Energy

AIR - Heart Chakra

Class Four - Heart Flow

SPACE & Throat Chakra

Class Five - Strong & Calm 

Mind Yoga - Intermediate Class
Most of us need more calm and peace in our lives.
Need more space for relaxation.
We keep our minds busy with books, technology, planning, the past.
Our minds want entertainment or should I say distraction?

Our bodies want exercise, fresh air, nourishing food. But we sit & sit...

This section of classes is especially helpful for calming your mind as well as strengthening your whole body.

The asana focus more on the neck & shoulders.

Many of them are calming but also energising as the head down postures encourage blood flow to your brain.

Is it time to change your mind?

No longer physical elements we move into mind and spirit.

Class Six. Relax.Relax..Relax... Third Eye Chakra

Yin, restorative class for a flexible and healthy spine.
A beautiful,gentle, relaxation class that was loved in my yoga retreats.
All postures are laying down which supports your back as you gently stretch through your lower back and hips and all the way up to your neck and shoulders.

Class Seven - Yoga Nidra Meditation - Crown Chakra

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest and most effective forms of relaxation.
It is practiced laying down.
Initially it is used to remove the exhaustion of modern living, giving you energy and bringing more peace and joy into your life. You may fall asleep as you practice.
Over time you become more aware of your body and how to relax, you can focus and slow down your breath.
You can let go of pain.
Yoga Nidra helps to develop powerful internal awareness and great mental strength.
You have the rest of your life to practice, growing stronger and wiser.
Take your time, enjoy each moment.

A series of 7 yoga classes which begin with learning alignment and building strength and flexibility.

EARTH & Base Chakra

Class One - Hatha Alignment Workshop


The next 2 classes introduce Mantra or yoga chants. I play Sacred Earth's beautiful CD's in class and I have choreographed my own routines adding Mudra or hand gestures. They touch your heart and make yoga a spiritual practice.

Find out a little about The Mantra, Om Tare a song for Goddess Green Tara

She is seen as one of the first emancipated women. October Newsletter 2020

Sadly women's spirituality has been suppressed by most cultures. Women's Ceremony was practiced around water, springs and wells and around the Moon cycles. Learn to sing the water song 

Beginner to Advanced. There is a lot in this class I have not been taught in a Western Yoga Class but have learnt from reading yoga texts.
Firstly and most importantly when focusing on your core in particular you must learn to use your breath properly.
Do you know how to engage your core as you breathe and practice yoga?
This is your internal strength and it is vital.
Learn Samana Vayu or nourishing breath and your core will strengthen, your energy will increase and your yoga practice will come from within.
Learn how to engage Uddiyana Bandha, open your chest and make more space in your belly.
If this class moves slowly, I don't apologise but I encourage you to let go of your need to push and be quick.
You miss out on so much.
Slow down and be nourished, feel, taste, touch, smell, see and experience the world as it is.
The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about change...often all we need is to change your mind.

Gentle Class - This is a very special yoga class, it embodies Heart to Heart yoga & meditation. It is a Yogic Healing Class for the Heart. I wish it to make you feel amazing as you stretch and open your chest and body.

It is a gentle flow class that introduces movement with your breath.
It balances Pitta, Vata & Kapha Energy.
Find out more about your individual energies by looking at the Ayurveda Section

Music is playing as you move and flow. The music is from the beautiful Sacred Earth album Ku Tumba.

Introducing Padma Mudra into your yoga practice.

The class begins with Padma Mudra or Lotus Hand Position. As the Lotus grows it needs sunlight, water and mud, the mud represents the harder things you have experienced in your life. Without the mud you could never grow strong, you could never learn to reach towards the sunlight, blossom and bloom.

Emotionally this is a heart chakra class and is lovely for everyone to practice.

The class is gentle and can be practiced by everyone with care. For the sitting postures you can sit in lotus, cross legged or in a chair.

It is recommended for:

Stress and anxiety.



Heart and chest problems,

Disease. It is wonderful for lymphatic drainage and is particularly beneficial for breast cancer

Shoulder and neck problems

Stiff hands and arms

It embodies Heart to Heart Yoga & Meditation.

Namaste Julie