Find your individual health patterns

Learn about the 5 energies and understand their importance in promoting balance and health.

Learn your individual constitution, the energies that are strongest in you and how to use this knowledge to improve physical and emotional well being.

With diet, herbs, yoga, meditation, chanting. singing bowls, crystals & colour.

For example fire is hot. It changes matter. It is needed for metabolism and digestion.

If you discover after going through the constitution chart that you have a lot of fire energy. You are more likely to suffer from heat related illness. You will have a Pitta Dosha (Fire as the main energy)

Physically out of balance you will suffer more from illness related to inflammation such as eczema. Digestive and liver problems.

Emotionally you will be determined and driven or out of balance pushy and bossy!

Emotionally the fire energy when out of balance causes anger, frustration and irritability.

A hot day in summer will increase the fire in everyone but you in particular will feel it. You may get more hot and bothered.

Yoga at this time should be cooling and calming. Sun salutations and heating yoga will cause you to become more imbalanced.

Meditations can focus on water or cooling colours such as blue or purple.

Even wearing them or lovely crystal jewelry will help.

A swim or cool shower.

Cooling herbs and more salads in your diet.

I hope I have awakened your interest.

Can you understand already how simple and common sense this Ancient knowledge is?

Of course you should use conventional medicine and visit your doctor but you can still use this system too. It is not meant to be alternative it is complementary.

Mystical Spires loved by native bees in my garden.

Yoga & Ayurveda - Ancient wisdom for modern times.
Learn how to maintain physical and emotional well-being in a common sense way that you understand but haven't been taught in our Western Society.
Study yourself. Your good points and not so good...your disease tendencies...your emotions....what you eat and how you spend your time.
"The typological knowledge of Ayurveda is one of the best-kept secrets of yoga"
What type are you?
What energies are strong in you?
Are you fiery, down to earth, emotional or scatter brained?
It is all about balance, no right or wrong.
The 5 energies are fire, air, water, space and earth.
Listen to the dosha assessment, find your individual constitution.
Learn how to increase the other energies.. making you stronger and healthier with specific yoga, meditation, herbs, diet and life style advise,
We are part of the earth we live and walk on, the season affect us, our environment affects us, our age affects us.
Learn how to adapt and change your yoga practice and perhaps your life?
Knowledge of Yoga & Ayurveda is a gift passed down to us through the ages.

Still your mind and listen to your inner wisdom.

Bird Song is my online book, learning to slowly change your life  Bird Song

Vegetarian recipes, grow your own medicine, meditation & more.

There are 52 ideas, one for each week of the year.

I recommend you start with Week 1 and keep going throughout the year, slowly, slowly, changing what you eat, meditating and living more in nature.  

Create a better life for yourself and those around you.

Follow your heart.

Start small but dream big!

You have the rest of your life after all. Keep on learning and enriching your life.


Would you like to be guided through the course?

It will take a year or more but I will recommend yoga, meditation, herbs, food, marma therapy, essential oils to name a few especially for you.

Cost for guidance is $120


This is the first of the 5 energies.
Yoga & Meditation in this section of my free course strengthen you physically and emotionally.
Earth energy, nature, encourages feelings of belonging, support and stability.

If after filling in the constitution chart you have a Vata or Pitta or dual dosha of Pitta/Vata this is an energy you need to increase.
Also when it is summer, autumn and spring. Or when the weather is windy and dry.
If you are feeling stress, anxiety, anger, worry, busy mind, lack of focus, hot.
Listen to the meditation to learn a little about how to do this.

Other Earth Meditations are:
Seven Stones.
Red Stone Meditation.

Yoga Classes to increase the Earth Energy are:
Gentle Class & Class One, Six and Seven of the Heart of Yoga Series
Kali Time, Power is in Your Hands, Prana & Health, The Healer Within & Forgiveness Meditation from the Strong Women Series

More about the Earth Element and kapha Dosha


The whole system of Yoga & Ayurveda becomes simple to understand when you learn about the 5 elements.
Water is the second - Flexible and flowing
The Sacral Chakra

More about the water element

The Fire Element

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