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Veggie Chilli Recipe - See Bird Song

Veggie Chilli Recipe - See Bird Song


It’s the time of the year to focus on warmth and movement. We will be starting to group together warming, strengthening sequences and Gentle Sun Salutations. The focus is strength in the body including the core.

The movement improves digestion and function of all the organs in the body. The liver, kidneys, lymphatic and circulatory system to name a few! In yoga terminology we are encouraging heat and prana. Improving the flow of energy in the body, our inner sun which nourishes and makes us feel warm, energised and motivated. Winter can make us lethargic and although it is really good for us to sleep longer and rest more we still need to keep active to avoid illness.


There are 5 different types of breath and I thought we could spend 5 months learning a little  about them and how to use them to create balance and wellbeing. Each can be taught with a physical focus and as the focus is energy and strength and the first of these breaths is for energy it all will naturally flow into place.

The book I will be using is The Power of The Breath by Swami Saradananda

“ Although breathing is the most fundamental of the bodies physical processes, most of us give it little or no thought in our daily lives.

Yet once it is fully acknowledged and harnessed the power of the breath is unlimited.

Easing stress & anxiety

Boosting Energy & stamina

Enhancing self confidence

Sharpening the ability to focus.

Helping to relieve pain. “

I picked this wonderful book up from the local library and bought a copy it has added so much depth and detail to my teaching and your practice.

Confusingly the first form of Prana or Energy is called Prana.

“Prana is your vitalising, energising breath that enhances your appreciation and zest for life and is the driving force behind all energy that flows through your body’

Each week we will practice a Prana Meditatio

New Winter Soup Recipe

This is my Mums Traditional Shank Soup. Instead of pig I have added pesto. Its delicious !


Pesto - Soak 20ish almonds overnight to soften, sweeten and make them nutritious.

Plus basil, parmesan, garlic & Olive Oil.

Soup - 1 turnip, 2 carrots, 1 leek or onion, 1 cup of rinsed red lentils, 1 cup of rinsed split peas.

Water and salt. This varies and depends how thick you like your soup but start with 3 cups.

Caramelize the leeks with butter or coconut oil. Then add veggies, lentils and split peas.

Cook until soft which takes about 30 minutes and add more water and salt if needed.

While its cooking place rinsed almonds, a handful of basil, a big chunkof parmesan , a clove of garlic and a drizzle or more of olive oil in a nutri bullet.

Add this to your soup when it is cooked and use a hand blender if you want your soup to have a smooth consistence.

Don’t forget the bread and butter. I have started baking my own again in the bread maker.

Enjoy July, enjoy your freedom, enjoy your food.   Namaste Julie

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04.03 | 08:03

Amazing news about your book Julie, am so excited to see Bird Song in print. Signed copy obviously! 🙏🏻💚

02.02 | 20:18

Thank you for your kindness in sharing. I'd love to participate in the online learning

05.12 | 19:45

Morning Julie, would you have a spot in today’s 9.30 for a casual? Josephine

18.10 | 03:57

Hi Julie 😊,
Can I please go on the waitlist for Monday 8.15am class ?

Namaste ,

Mary x

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