Bird Song - Women's Circles.

While Rosie and I were on holiday, on the South Coast. Dave has been building a shed. Which means all the stuff from our garage can move out. Now all we need is to make a picture window that looks out into the court yard. Paint it all white, add a large tree/bird motive on the wall, a rose in the centre of the floor and an air conditioner.

Bird Song – Women’s Circles will definitely be ready for 2024 but hopefully sooner!


Classes at the Hall will continue on Mondays. But I will have the flexibility to teach workshops,  and classes when ever I choose including weekends.

I have lots of ideas but I’d love your input too.

  • A morning yoga dance/relaxation class. Awakening Shakti
  • Chants and songs from around the world, singing bowls and sound healing
  • Women’s meditation circle
  • Lazy Sunday afternoon – Restorative/meditation Class
  • Free Fridays
  • Following the Moon classes. Full and New Moon Yoga & Ceremony.
  • One on One classes which I love to teach also.

The classes at the Hall will run through winter hols.

*Dave and I are heading back to England September/October. Not sure of the dates yet.

Strong Foundations

This term we are going back to the foundations of yoga again. The Earth Element. The Base Chakra. Yoga for Strength and stability. This is the most important area to focus on in your practice, especially if your are new to yoga or have lower back problems. The asana strengthen your lower back/hips/legs/bones and skeletal system, the meditations and wisdom lectures help reduce stress and anxiety. I recommend you practice at least some of the Online Earth Classes to develop strong foundations for your yoga practice.

Ask me which class will be good for you. They range from a lovely relaxing 15 minute chair yoga sequence. An Alignment Workshop. A relaxing and restorative class to build flexibility in your back/hips/shoulders. Special workshops such as a Yin with Earth Mudra - This is a beautiful class with breathing practices for stress. A Yin class with Foot Marma Therapy and massage, teaching you also which oils to use for different health conditions. A Yantra Meditation and a Goddess Kali Class.

Imagine a triangle, the base is my 10 online Classes for strength and stability.

The Base Chakra. The Earth Element.

The chakras are centre points, energy centres, gathering together a web of knowledge on health & wellbeing.

Each has it’s own yoga asana, yoga type, meditations, pranayama, mudra, mantra, yantra, essential oils, crystals, singing bowls and that is just the beginning! Circling them as we do, yoga is a holistic practice. It is no longer an exercise but creates health in your “whole” body, mind and spirit. Which of your chakra need more care and love?

Self Study is the most important lesson in life. Yet we often ignore ourselves and focus on others and their problems...which is much easier isn’t it?

If  you practiced the chakra for your dis “ease.” more, you would be amazed at how yoga can heal, how powerful it is and many of the classes are free. I encourage you in class and then it is your body, your mind, your health. Ask me and I will guide you to the classes suitable for you. The classes that are the most healing for you are usually the ones you don’t want to practice. There’s a lot to learn in this also.

It’s easier to think that I am some how different. Double Jointed. You give your power away when you think like this and it’s an excuse not to practice more.  I am special. I am unique and so are you. When I first started yoga, I was 40 and had a painful hip and lower back. I couldn’t practice a down dog, without shaking and a lot of discomfort. I am not double jointed either and was never good at sport. But I wanted to live a healthy and active life. So I kept practicing a base chakra class very similar to the Hatha Alignment Workshop but much faster because I couldn’t hold the positions let alone breathe properly. It took me 20 minutes to 30 minutes and I missed Savasana...I didn’t have the time, another excuse.  But I did practice Yoga Nidra 3 times a week and it changed my mind.


Now yoga is part of my life, a way of life. I slot it in throughout my day. It is a retreat, a renewal, a strength...I have loved meeting you all, friends, fun, laughter, sadness, singing, caring, support, peace. I love practicing at home but I also love sharing the space with you. Sharing the energy we create together, peace, joy, laughter.

Thank You so much for coming to my classes.

Namaste Julie x