Autumn Newsletter 2024

This Autumn there are a lot of new classes, meditations and workshops at my place, come early for a cuppa and a wander around the herb garden.

1/FREE FRIDAYS - Walks in nature, free meditations and much more.

Our first is Honeyed Wisdom - Empowering meditation, story & song.

Friday March 8th from 10.30 - 11.30 for International Women’s Day.

Please book as it is at Bird Song studio - only 6 spaces.

2/Fortnightly Moonology Circle’s. The spirit of yoga. Gentle moon flow, meditation, song, herbs, crystals, intention setting, forgiveness, natural ways to work through difficult emotions.

3/2 hour workshops on Saturday morning .Cost $50

Marma Therapy & Essential Oil Workshop. Make your own roller blend

 10 - 12 on Saturday 13th April

The Herbalist Garden - Flowering Women. Tea, flowers, herbal wisdom and a walking meditation. Take home a bouquet

10 - 12 on Saturday May 11th

The magic of Mouna the Inner Silence

Mouna is an important aspect of the yoga teaching’s and is much needed in our busy, noisy and often exhausting modern lives. Mouna is to be silent, or to practice periods of silence. It is a powerful practice for resetting the nervous system and is beautiful practiced in a group setting. Somehow I feel the connection as stronger than the chatter, more of a heart and breath connection. We practice in class for 5 to 10 minutes and it feels so lovely, it rejuvenates and refreshes you.

Mouna also happens to be one of the teachings of the Melissa, when you step back in time  far enough all the wisdom comes from the same place. I have been practising easily at home for years using the asana to keep my mind focused and quiet and I didn’t realise this was one of the benefits of asana, at the time I thought it was all about the “exercises” healing your body.

In my last Melissa Course I was recommended to practice silent meditation every evening before bed. With a “mind fold” mine happens to be a fluffy pink eye mask with a drop of essential oil. Over summer I have been using Sandalwood on my mask. It is a sacred herb of India and important for the third eye chakra/inner wisdom and very cooling and calming in meditation. I wasn’t sure I could sit for long in the dark, but I loved it.

After only a couple of minutes my mind seemed to move out into the darkness, following the sounds of frogs waking and kookaburra saying goodnight. The cool air was very welcome coming through the open window and my first night there was a thunderstorm and rain. It was surprisingly beautiful. Then I laid in Savasana and fell asleep! When I woke, I got into bed and that was it, till the morning. I often wake at night. It is so much better than all the rubbish, violence, swearing and drama on the TV that’s for sure. Writing this reminds me I need to get back to the practice, pick up the thread again.

The Wishing Tree or in Sanskrit Kalpa -Vriksha

The old me would have had trouble talking of a wishing tree let alone placing one as the centre piece to my studio, it’s childish surely? But more and more I am focusing on inspiring women to make there wishes come true. The Moonology Circles are just that, realising that there is a lot of work, planning and sometimes failure  involved. But life is about living it to the full, trying for your dreams and learning so much on the way. The Moonology Circles also teach forgiveness, gratitude and learning from, rather than hiding from difficult emotions such as grief and anger, 

I opened my Mudra for Modern life by Swami Saradananda book to Anjali Mudra a couple of days before the studio opened and it felt like confirmation. That I need to keep following my heart rather than my head. To keep wishing and dreaming.

“While standing bring the little fingers of your hands together with palms cupped upward. Tip your hands slightly as though pouring water though your hands. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart, picture an island in an ocean of nectar, with fragrant flowering trees (I embroider this when teaching, I see more detail and it’s a beautiful meditation.) Focus on the most beautiful tree, the mother tree, the wishing tree, walk towards her holding your hands in Anjali Mudra, ask for guidance, share your wishes, then open your eyes and take 2 - 3 breaths.” It doesn’t mention this in the book but it feels right to me, to imagine pouring water or nectar gathered in your cupped hands from your heart to the tree

In Guringai country, the women's tree is the angophora, go and find a mother tree to talk to and be your confident and support, ask for guidance and be sure to thank her, with a gentle touch.

“Anjali Mudra is said to increase gratitude, compassion and generosity. It decrease greediness and grasping, lowers blood pressure and balances digestions and elimination.”

Dream your life more beautiful and the world will be more beautiful. Namaste Julie

Namaste Julie