September 2022

Spring is here and it is now the 8th year of teaching yoga at the Hall.

My first class was September 1st 2014...and the evening class began closer to Christmas, time flies when your having fun! I have enjoyed every minute of sharing yoga with you all.

I keep forgetting to mention the free gifts! I love making the oil blends and when a bottle of essential oil runs out I use the bottle to make up a beautiful blend with jojoba. Choose a blend or a special tea such as Holy Basil when you buy a 10 week pass.

Mind Training - Mantra

The chant we have been practicing for balancing the chakra is Lam- Hands on thighs, Vam - Hands bellow belly button. Ram - Hands above belly button. Yam - Hands on heart. Hum- Hands on throat.

Om-palms together touching the middle of the brow. Aum. Triangle above head. The hand positions help direct your energy or feelings to the physical parts of your body as you chant. With practice you begin to feel the sound vibration or tingles in that area as prana or healing energy moves through you.

Warrior or Worrier?

I am looking forward to teaching some lovely strengthening classes this month.

For body, mind and spirit.

Our focus is the Earth and Air Element. Base and Heart Chakra.

Both of which help balance stress, worries and anxiety.

We’ll workshop the strong and stable earth asana. The 3 warrior’s, the tree, the mountain.

Why are the 3 warrior postures called warrior 1, warrior 2 and flying warrior?

You can tell just by looking at them and feel even more practicing them why theses asana have these names. The warriors look and feel strong and powerful.

The warriors give us an opportunity, an opportunity I never had huddled at my desk at school or the office, an opportunity to see myself as strong and in firm control of my life. Instead of your head bent and shoulders slumped sitting in a chair. Your feet touch the earth, your legs are wide, your chest is open and your hand is an arrow into the future.

We’ll practice specific breathing exercises known as Pranayama for stress and insomnia. We have a special essential oil blend to learn about and use in class.

Isis Goddess Blend - Handmade with love

Nurturing and Protecting - Balances all Chakra

30mls of Organic Sesame Oil.

5 drops of Frankincense & Cinnamon pure Essential Oils.

Physical Benefits: This is a beautiful blend for dry or mature age skin, sun damage and wrinkles. It is also powerfully anti- inflammatory and warming. Soothes aches, pains, arthritis. For digestive problems gently massage into belly.

Mental Benefits; Specific for meditation. Protects and supports the nervous system. Excellent for depression, stress and insomnia

I love making the blends, they come in a 30ml glass jar and cost $20. Bring the jar back - Top up for $10

Our emotional focus this month is yoga and meditation for anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Anxiety shuts you down, makes your body tense, your focus on your thoughts. Hard times.

Yoga opens you up through the asana, the movement, the breath. You interact with the world more and start to feel more joy and connection. Soft times.

Particular classes help balance particular illness, physical or mental. I plan my classes at the hall so that everyone can benefit and enjoy them. If you have a particular imbalance, disease, or illness. I can very easily guide you to appropriate yoga, breathing, herbs and much more if you begin my online Yoga & Ayurveda Course or book 4 private lessons for $240

A Herbal Tea wonderful for stress is Tulsi (Holy Basil) which I have as a free gift if you purchase a 10 class pass. Also eat well cooked, warm and nourishing food such as soups and stews. I have a lot of vegetarian recipes in Bird Song

Namaste Julie

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04.03 | 08:03

Amazing news about your book Julie, am so excited to see Bird Song in print. Signed copy obviously! 🙏🏻💚

02.02 | 20:18

Thank you for your kindness in sharing. I'd love to participate in the online learning

05.12 | 19:45

Morning Julie, would you have a spot in today’s 9.30 for a casual? Josephine

18.10 | 03:57

Hi Julie 😊,
Can I please go on the waitlist for Monday 8.15am class ?

Namaste ,

Mary x

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