I have had a lot of great feedback from my yoga ladies regarding this Newsletter. I thought it was time to see the other side of yoga, the other side of me. I can easily write about creating health, beauty and love, but you also need willpower, determination, truthfulness and "tough love." It has made everyone think about yoga as they would other health care and encouraged more home practice. 

Summer Newsletter  2023

Practice Makes Perfect!

Most people go to see a Doctor or a Physio if they have a health problem or injury. The Doctor usually gives you prescription drugs and the Physio exercises to help you recover. These are taken or practiced at least once a day and that is important.

Once a week is not enough.

Yoga is a science, a system to create health and well-being for body, mind and spirit and if you really want the benefits.

Once a week is not enough.

Practicing daily is the best natural medicine to help prevent illness, disease and injury. Practicing often, with gentleness and love you might not need to visit  the Doctor or Physio as often and practicing at home is free. Over time you will learn to feel which asana, or meditation you need. You will see yoga as a part of every day life, a sacred and special connection to your body, mind and heart.

To simply breathe properly is a gift to your body, mind and spirit.

Make yourself a simple routine. Everyone can find 5 to 1o minutes a day.

Why do you follow the Physio’s or Doctor’s instructions and not your inner wisdom? Is it because of money? Yoga classes are not expensive compared to a visit to the Physio but I believe they have as much value. Do you? You are loving and looking after your true home, your sacred space, your body, rather than focusing on fixing a health problem. Is pain increased by tension & stress in your mind? Yes. Will learning to breathe properly help prevent disease? Yes. If your not sure what to practice, I have many classes/meditations on my website from 10 minutes to an hour. Ask me and I’ll recommend a class for you.

Here is a sequence plan that may help you develop your own practice.

(Thanks Julie W for asking me for this.)

It is best to practice before you get caught up with your day. Practice in pyjama’s, there is no need for special clothes.

Practice step one for about 5 minutes or a whole routine, which you might find as I did develops to an hour or more, if you have time( gift yourself time.)

Standing or Sitting

  • Begin with breathing with hands on belly and heart. When your mind wanders then start moving in cat/cow or moon flow sequence. Standing for gentle class.
  • Down dog and any kneeling asana (gentle class stay standing and skip this)
  • Standing asana for strength. Tree. Warriors. Triangle etc.
  • Bridge
  • Gentle class - Restorative, laying down, butterfly, ankle to knee, twist, legs up the wall etc. Or Yin sitting butterfly, cow face, twist.
  • Finish with Savasana if you go beyond step one - simply breathing

Practice makes Perfect - Two meditations - one for peace & one for joy.

There is no better way to celebrate the Christmas season than bringing more peace and joy into your life.

- JOY - SINGING/CHANTING - The chakra balancing chant.

We will practice  until Christmas by which time you’ll feel confident to sing out and it will sound  beautiful...er each time. It was taught to me in my Moonology Course with Yasmin Boland. She was encourage to share it by her yoga “guru’ and the chant originates from a spiritual centre in India. It contains within it the seed mantra for the chakra. Lam. Vam. Ram. Yam. Hum. Om.    I have added simple yoga position’s and gentle touch to add awareness of the individual chakra and your body.

- PEACE - VILOMA - For calming the nervous system.

It is much easier to feel this in a group but taking it into your life at Christmas time, will not be as easy. We’ll practice all term, sitting & laying down. It is very simple and involves counting. I find if I practice on a morning my whole day flows better, rather than trying it in a stressful situation. Great to practice in a traffic jam! If it doesn’t feel like it’s working, remember - Practice makes Perfect! Take your medicine 3 x a day if you want it to be effective.

Wishing you joy & peace. Namaste Julie x