Yoga and Massage Workshop        

    Thursday 22nd March   7 - 8.30 pm

Cost $45 which includes making your own unique massage oil mix.

The hands and arms contain 11 important marma regions and 22 points, These can be gently massaged to open the flow of energy in the body. Our yoga asana help to open these channels but therapeutic benefits can be increased by massage and the use of oils.

#We will spend time talking about the oils and then you can choose and make your own unique blend.

#I will teach you a lovely, relaxing hand and finger yoga sequence

#I will then guide you through a hand and arm massage meditation. Close your eyes, sit in any comfortable position and focus on how wonderful it feels. Single pointed focus is an important part of yoga.

The workshop will finish with a 20 minute Savasana to allow you to deeply relax and integrate all the healing benefits.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are coming along. Early payment is appreciated.

HOLIDAY IN APRIL     7th April to 28th April. We are taking our little campervan to Mudgee, Snowy Mountains, Melbourne and then not sure yet ! Passes will extend 3 weeks till I return.

PRICE INCREASE. EXTRA $2 for PAYG (Couples and teenagers stay the same.)

I have to put up the price unfortunately. The extra from passes has not covered the extra rent . However  I don’t want to lose you so stay at the same rate if you prefer.

New Cost is $14 Con $17 regular.    Teenagers $10 Couples $24    passes $100 Con $130 Regular


Are available for anyone to use. However they are going to get a bit oily/grubby with the oil we use in the mini workshops. I clean them with essential oils and a damp cloth before each class but if you prefer you are most welcome to bring your own.

What has organic chocolate got to do with yoga ?   Quite a lot !

Ahimsa - non harm is the first ethical code of yoga. Eating organic products reduces the amount of toxins and chemicals we eat that are harmful to us.

It also gives me a feeling of empowerment. I often read or hear news concerning chemicals and the detrimental impact they have on animals, frogs, birds, plants and the sea.

When I choose to buy organic or free - range or fair trade, I am supporting an every growing industry and together with more and more individuals, saying no to harm of the planet and harm to animals. I am a warrior fighting for change in the most gentle of ways…

The chocolate I buy is Fairtrade and supporting communities where it is farmed. Did you know that chocolate (non -organic) is heavily sprayed, often with chemicals that America has made and sold cheaply to third world countries as they have been banned for safety reasons in the U.S.

I am supporting a healthier world.

Chocolate and love brand as well as being delicious and special has many award winning flavours and their dark chocolate bars are vegan. They don’t need the milk because they use real ingredients such as rich cocoa butter...most chocolate even organic contains a nasty chemical soy lecithin as a cheap filler.

Brahmacharya is the 4th limb of yoga and means moderation. Our one piece of chocolate during the chocolate meditation lasted 5 minutes…..and tasted amazing because we were practicing Dharana too, the  6th limb of yoga. Single pointed focus. No chomping through a whole bar while on the phone!

Finally it was a fun and enjoyable way to explore yoga...and get everyone chatting after wards!

Next time you eat anything, focus only on the taste , use it as a meditation and enjoy.

More chocolate meditations are planned if you missed out.

Meditation to Awaken the Senses

Lay down or sit anywhere outdoors. 10 breaths for each sense is the minimum.

Try to stay aware of your slow, calm breath. Breathe through your nose.

1 Sound. Close your eyes and begin to listen to the sounds around you. Move from sound to sound. 10 Breaths

2 Sight. Open your eyes and choose to gaze at a tree, the sky, water or something else you find relaxing. 10 Breaths

3 Smell. Close your eyes and feel the air flowing in and out the 2 nostrils. What can you smell. (sit near a frangipani tree or other sweet smelling plant.) 10 breaths.

4 Touch. This is my favourite for summer. Feel the cool breeze on your skin. Focus on where it touches your skin. You may prefer to be practicing in the water using the silky feel of the water. 10 breaths

5. Taste. How many times have you eaten without really focusing on the taste? Sip your tea, or enjoy a piece of fruit or a couple of pieces of chocolate. Enjoy and spend time on the subtle tastes.

 We can feel nourished and content by using our outward senses.     

  Namaste Julie

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