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Thank You for practicing with me. I love to teach & share yoga. Namaste Julie

Hatha Workshop
Hatha Workshop
Relax. Relax..Relax...
Relax. Relax..Relax...
Moon Flow - Practice cross legged or in a chair.
Moon Flow - Practice cross legged or in a chair.
Hatha Workshop
Hatha Workshop

For my guidance and support see Yoga/Ayurveda Course 

Class Two - 15 Minute Sequence

Class Three - 1 Hour Class

More Yoga & Meditation Classes

Three Yoga & Ayurveda Courses

A Women's Path to Health & Well-being.

An ancient path for modern women.

Begins here

At 23 I gave up my well paid medical profession and travelled to Crete to teach English for a year...why?..Because I thought there had to be more to life than I had so far discovered. I felt I was escaping, but I was learning what was missing in my life...our lives. I went back to Radiography, saved and headed to Australia. Bought a Kombi Van and travelled from Perth up and around the coast to Sydney. It was the connection with nature that was missing and then I started yoga finding another missing connection, being aware of my body and mind, making them stronger and more flexible with yoga & meditation. I am learning to live in soft time instead of hard times and I'm learning women's ways....I have completed a moonology course with Yasmin Boland. Learning to use the Moon Cycles to help inspire us to create a beautiful life and realise the effect this has on the world around us.

There is fortnightly Moon Work in my Yoga & Ayurveda Course. 

I have completed two Dreaming Courses, the most important connecting me back to the ancient goddess culture, the Melissa. back to my Celtic Roots. Let's bring back, let's dream, the world and our lives beautiful, full of love, grace, beauty, singing, dancing, noursihment, joy, softness, warmth, bliss.

I am also studying Pre & Post Natal Yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga at the moment and I attend monthly Satsang via zoom with Swami Saradananda

My classes begin with the foundation asana but they gradually take you deeper into the heart of yoga.

16 Online yoga classes are all free to practice. There are 3 Yoga & Ayurveda Courses which are also free and guide you through the classes adding more depth, bringing in other healing modalities from food therapy to crystals...........

The classes are best viewed on a laptop, ipad etc. On a mobile phone a lot of my photos and written knowledge is hidden.

The classes begin with learning careful alignment and have been planned to gradually take you deeper into yoga. From the physical to the emotional and spiritual. The asana will make your body stronger and healthier but it is the wisdom lectures that will change your life.

From chair yoga & meditation to Intermediate/advanced yoga classes.

Below are three beginner's foundation classes. I highly recommend classes with a "gentle" yoga teacher before practicing any online classes. 

Practice the classes below until you feel strong and comfortable (at ease) in the asana and ready to learn more. This may take 10 years....or 3 classes!

The asana or physical "exercises" are a small part of yoga; however we really need the asana in our modern world. Most of us sit in chairs for long periods of time and do not get enough natural exercise. The postures or asana help heal our often neglected or "over worked" bodies. This body is all we have to experience the world with, it is amazing, neglect it and you will suffer, harsh words but true.

The asana or physical exercises take us out of our thoughts and into the present moment, as our focus is shifted to the position and the feelings they create in our body. This is the simplest form of meditation for a beginner.

Then we become aware of our breath and can close our eyes.

When I first started practicing at home, I started to call this the "yoga zone." 

Here you will find a bit of peace and joy, not dependent on what is happening in your life. Breath is your life, sacred is your breath, flowing into you, don't waste it, don't ignore it, feel it.


Once you have explored the classes and especially if you have completed at least one of the Yoga & Ayurveda Courses, you'll learn which classes you "need" most for your health. I practice my own classes; I know which one I need. Sometimes it is difficult to practice without guidance especially if something has happened in my life and my mind is busy and stuck in a negative thought pattern.

Explore the classes.. If you have yoga experience, don't dismiss the slow and careful Earth Classes. If they are too easy, question this. Why do you need them to be hard? Stay and breathe. Don't give in to your mind and ego; listen to the heart of you. It's whispering, be still and learn my love. Feel your breath as nourishment, feel your legs so strong..

Our sedentary life begins in school, as little children, sitting for long periods of time, five days a week, usually on a chair. Learning to compete, to be top of the class. But we always fail at something. There is only one top spot. No wonder we don't feel special, unique, why we look up to others. Why we don't take control of our own lives.

My classes have evolved over the last 9 years of teaching, learning and studying. They are far more than an exercise class and are based on the teachings and wisdom passed down over thousands of years, joining together Yoga and Ayurveda.

Teaching the whole practice in a modern, feminine way.

The Yoga & Ayurveda Course evolved from my wish to share this knowledge. Within the course is knowledge from other cultures, including my ancestors, as well as stories from the land I live and dream on. I live on Guringai country and the spirit of this land is still here and I thank those that have shared a little of it with me. My hope is that the senior knowledge holders such as Fran Bodkin start to tell the stories & share the wisdom. The earth needs healing as well as ourselves.

This is my most important Hatha yoga class. It is the beginning of learning how to practice the yoga asana or position's.

I carefully show you how to adapt them all.

It is simple & gentle and yet it is powerful for building strength and flexibility. Most Hatha yoga classes focus on the Ha - the Yang, the strengthening postures. In this class the standing asana are all simple and held for about 5 breaths. The Warrior. The Mountain. The Tree. The Twist.

The second part of the class is the tha of Ha tha yoga -  Restorative postures, laying down so your back is well supported and holding the asana for at least two and a half minutes, if you don't hold them you will not give your body the time, to open and become more flexible. Restorative yoga is not only wonderful for relaxing your mind but it is the simplest and easiest way to become more flexible...I am living proof.

I can move into the Yin holds easily now, even Lotus, because a lot of my home practice is restorative.

Be gentle, your body will learn to trust you, learn to relax, learn to let go and then the standing and yin asana become much easier. Give yourself time...5 - 15 years, or even better the rest of your life.......

Although this is a Gentle Class it is recommended you have face to face lessons with a teacher before practicing. The class is divided into 2 sections, the first is Yang yoga to strengthen your spine and body. The second section is equally important. Restorative asana for flexibility and relaxation. Postures are standing and laying down only.

Please support me in making these classes available and make a small donation.

Gentle Yoga & Relaxation Class
Gentle Yoga & Relaxation Class
The Gentle Twist is beneficial for your whole spine

The Heart of Yoga - 7 Yoga Classes

Strong Women - 7 Yoga Classes



Yogic healing

Bird Song - My Book

* The 1 Hour Gentle Yoga & Relaxation Class is the most important class for strength and flexibility in your body it is safe and supportive.