We have 7 weeks to Christmas

Our last class is 19thDecember returning on 9thJanuary

Our Christmas gathering is on December 6th the last Bird Song gathering of the year. Sandra will be teaching us how to wrap beautiful Christmas gifts with things found in nature and my garden.

Let me know your coming along.

There will be a cheese and fruit platter to share and Herbal teas 9.30 – 11.30 am

7 weeks is perfect because it gives us the opportunity to spend a week focusing on each of the 7 chakra.

What are the chakra and how are they connected to yoga?

Described as wheels of light, they are the interconnection of body, mind and spirit.

The science of Yoga & Ayurveda – the science of life begins with teaching us how to understand our health patterns through the elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPACE. That’s the first 5 chakra. Earth is Base Chakra. Water is Sacral Chakra. Fire is Solar plexus Chakra. Air is the Heart Chakra and Space is the Throat Chakra

The last 2 chakra we focus less on the physical body and focus more on the mind and spirit.

More meditation and less yoga asana.

Third Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra – Wisdom and light,

The chakra are described as radiant points of power which also affect our physical bodies as well as mind and spirit.

The asana correspond to the different elements and chakra.

The earth element known as the base chakra is the first chakra we focus on, the asana strengthen the feet and up into the lower back while the meditations strengthen your mind.

Our first week begins with the first Chakra (Earth) and when we move up to the higher chakra we still practice yoga asana and breathing to keep us balanced.

How do you know which yoga postures to practice for each chakra?

Nothing is more stable and strong and connected to the Earth than “The Mountain” asana

The tree is another Earth posture – challenging your balance and stability on one leg.

It’s very common-sense.

We begin with a focus on your breath, your feet and legs, your hips and lower spine. This is the Base Chakra and each week we gradually move up the body and spine.

Each chakra has wonderful inspiring teachings, their own hand gestures known as Mudra, their own colour, their own wisdom teachings, their own yantra, musical notes, breathing exercises, crystals, marma or massage points.

It sounds complex but it is very simple once you understand the energy. If you are wanting to practice a class for the solar plexus chakra knowing the energy is fire, what could be more obvious than a gentle sun salutation and a candle meditation?


You can easily pinpoint a physical symptom to a chakra imbalance. Lower back issues is the area of the base chakra the asana strengthen your lower back and the meditations help you relax your body.

Feeling teary and emotional. The water element. The yoga is beautiful, flowing routines, try the moon flow. And the teachings for this chakra remind you to learn to forgive and encourage you to add more joy to your life by doing more simple things that make you happy.

If you have had/have a chest problem or even recovered from breast cancer, you know that’s the area of your heart and heart chakra. The yoga asana are flowing and work through your chest and arms improving lymphatic drainage and the teachings encourage you to love and look after your body.

Health will always change but you know the code, you hold the seven keys, an understanding of which to turn and you can change your home yoga and meditation practice accordingly.

As you become more balanced, healthier in body and mind you experience life differently.

Over time yoga will become a spiritual practice.

Gradually life itself will become a spiritual practice.

I try to share this with you in class.

Wishing you peace

And Joy

This Christmas.

Namaste Julie

Nov/Dec Newsletter 2022