February Newsletter

I have been asked by students who wish to practice more often to record my classes and meditations and they are now available online. I would really appreciate your feedback.

The Heart of Yoga is a 7 Class Chakra Series and is available online or USB Cost $120

Individual classes are $20

You can purchase the classes online or in person


FREE to watch and practice

*Is a Hand Yoga Meditation for the relaxation.

*Three strengthening Asana for your back and Base Chakra

*10 minute flow sequence for your core and Solar Plexus Chakra

*Seven Stones is a 10 minute meditation for stress encouraging strength and stability.

*Tooralee Sunset is a 10 minute meditation using a water mudra and affirmation filmed on a House Boat.


Summer time in Australia is a time to slow down, a time to stay cool, a time to bring in the water element. We really need some rain!

In Ayurveda, water is one of the 5 elements that are found throughout life. We are 70% water, it flows through the plants, trees, animals and rivers. It is the strongest element and is influenced by the moon.

Moon flows are lovely to practice in summer. They stretch, strengthen and open muscles and joints. Deep back bends, forwards bends and twists are slow moving and help keep your body cool as you practice. Moon flows are Yin, feminine, yielding and intuitive. Massage of your ankles and calves feels wonderful in a forward fold. In comparison Sun Salutations are more exact, heating and Yang and much better to keep you warm and moving in Winter.


Water is the element of the sacral chakra which is why it is our class focus at the moment. The Chakras are the heart of yoga, the emotional part. There are said to be 7 major centres through which our energy flows each connected to our emotional well being. To be balanced we need to study ourselves and learn our strengths and weaknesses. We need to look at our lives and make changes. The sacral chakra focus is enjoyment and pleasure in life.

To create and bring more things that you enjoy into your life and to let things go, to go with the flow and be less rigid and more accepting. To adapt and to change with the seasons, with age, nothing ever stays the same.

YANG YOGA for Strength and the Sacral Chakra

These postures strengthen your stomach and lower back. Your core in particular but they work on all your body and I am sure you can feel this! They are more cooling and calming and often involve your head down or your legs wide.

YIN YOGA for Flexibility

These are held for longer to allow your muscles to relax and give, to lengthen and to work deeper into your joints and whole body. Relaxing your body helps relax your mind and the longer holds allows time for calm thoughts, self inquiry and meditation.

The asana and meditations for the Sacral Chakra encourage joy, happiness, creativity , pleasure and enjoyment. When out of balance you may feel guilt, shame, depression, frustration and fatigue. The yoga asana help to balance your emotions as well as strengthen your body and make you more flexible.

There is so much more we can learn to enhance our yoga practice.

MUDRAS for The Sacral Chakra

The hand positions help “train your brain” and some of you may “feel” how they effect your mind. I will be teaching quite a few new Water Mudras this month with accompanying asana or meditations. Varuna Mudra which helps cool and purify the body and mind. Shakti which helps you become more flexible and adapt to change.


Meditations using my beautiful new singing bowl, note D, a Christmas present from my Mum. This bowl was made especially to vibrate and send healing sound through your body particularly your sacral chakra. Sound travels through water, it travels through your body and in yoga it balances and allows energy to flow in your belly and lower back. It brings physical and emotional well being. If you would like to play it - ask me. It feels much stronger when you hold it.

Through meditation and self enquiry I have discovered I need to create more space in my life for just being, instead of always doing. I have found a place of peace and contentment when ever life gets too busy or when I feel tired just by focusing on my breathing.

We all can find this space, all it takes is patience and practice.

Namaste Julie

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04.03 | 08:03

Amazing news about your book Julie, am so excited to see Bird Song in print. Signed copy obviously! 🙏🏻💚

02.02 | 20:18

Thank you for your kindness in sharing. I'd love to participate in the online learning

05.12 | 19:45

Morning Julie, would you have a spot in today’s 9.30 for a casual? Josephine

18.10 | 03:57

Hi Julie 😊,
Can I please go on the waitlist for Monday 8.15am class ?

Namaste ,

Mary x

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