March Newsletter 2020

Learn your individual constitution and what asana you should be practicing to stay balanced.

Are you a determined fire person, have you a Pitta constitution?
Are you an airy and creative person, have you a Vata constitution?
Are you solid and strong, have you a Kapha constitution?

An example
If you were born with mainly fire energy you will be driven, social, determined, maybe pushy. When out of balance you are more likely to experience anger, irritability, frustration. Fire people when out of balance suffer from red and itchy skin problems, inflammatory problems, hyper acidity. Summer and spring is the time they are more likely to become in balanced.

Simply type in Ayurvedic Constitution chart on google and fill in the form.
The yoga asana information was from Yoga and Ayurveda by Doctor Frawley.

You may find you have 2 that are higher for example I am Vata and Pitta and Kapha is low or all 3 maybe quite close together.
Using the season as a guide will help keep you in balance no matter your constitution.
You may have a PITTA constitution but be suffering from anxiety which is VATA follow the VATA yoga guide until you are in balance again.

VATA is composed of the elements air and space.
Movement, change, cold, dry. It is strongest in Autumn.
In excess your body suffers from dryness, roughness, stiffness, joint pain, brittle bones.
Mentally you may feel stress, anxious, overwhelmed, unable to focus.
Body type. Thin, angular
If you have the highest count in Vata or a Vata symptom. Yoga asana particularly beneficial are those sitting in stillness and held for longer. Lotus, hero, twists, cross legged. sitting forward bends, gentle back bends, standing mountain, particularly the tree. Longer meditation is recommended.

PITTA is composed of the elements fire and a little water
Hot & dry. This is the energy of digestion and metabolism. Strongest in Spring & Summer
In excess your body suffers from high blood pressure, itchy inflammatory skin conditions, inflammation, acidity.
Mentally anger, frustration, irritability.
Body type. Average build
If you have the highest count in Pitta or a Pitta symptom. Yoga asana particularly beneficial are cooling, nurturing, expansive and relaxing. *Avoid a strong work out. Moon salutations are excellent! Forward bends such as wide legged, down dog, and back bends such as camel, twists, sitting postures with a forward bend.

KAPHA is composed of the elements water and earth
Cold, wet, stable. Strongest in Winter. In excess colds, flu, obesity, lung disorders, depression, dullness, lack of motivation.
If you have the highest count in Kapha.
Body type. Big boned, heavy.
Should be more heating Sun Salutations, Warriors, plank & shorter Savasana.

Enjoy learning about yourself.
Instead of thinking for example I am a very angry person. Think instead I have a lot of fire energy and am out of balance. I need to look at what is happening in my life. Anger becomes determination, confidence, willpower. Something needs to change, follow your heart.
Ask for help, slow down, stop pushing, stop achieving.
Cool down with the yoga postures in the Pitta section.

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