I hope you enjoy the meditations in this section.

Seven keys to positive change - A seven day meditation course.

7 keys to happiness & health.

7 Chakra's or energy centre's in the body.

7 Musical notes.

7 Colours of the rainbow.

7 Days of the week.

Each meditation is about 10 minutes in length.

Practice one a day or a whole Chakra balancing meditation of 1 hour & 10 minutes.

Day One of the seven day meditation course.

Garnet Crystal Meditation.

The Base Chakra - Colour deep red 

Particularly beneficial for Vata...Stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed

The meditations begin with your feet and slowly move up into your mind and spirit

More about Yoga & Meditation for a 1-Strong Body & Mind

Day 1- Garnet Crystal Meditation for inner strength

Learn this powerful affirmation:
My life is filled with the things I love doing.
I take action with confidence & power to make it so.
This is the second colour of the ancient rainbow teachings.
The Sacral Chakra, your sacred self.
What makes you happy?
This is my personal favourite meditation to teach as it empowers you to make the very best of your life.

As your breath slows and your mind quietens your hear your inner voice, your inner wisdom and you listen and learn.
Slowly... or maybe not so slowly you begin to change your life.
You may start a course or give up a well paid job or take up bush-walking.
You realise that how much you earn is not as important as how you spend your precious time and that there is a big difference between abundance and wealth.

Heart to Heart Yoga and Meditation
Ten minute Chakra & Nature Meditations, Free Yoga Classes, Vegetarian Recipes, Herbal Medicine, Crystals, Aromatherapy, Self-massage, Singing bowls, bring Ayurveda into your life. A holistic system of health and well being.

The third key to happiness
The colour is yellow. The crystal is citrine.
Find your most precious asset, your unique self.
Shine brightly through your life, be guided by your heart, not your head or ego.
Build willpower, self esteem and the courage to change your life continually as you change through the years.

Learn Samana Vayu or nourishing breath, a simple but powerful breathing technique to strengthen your solar plexus and core.
Be nourished not only with healthy food but with your senses and the world.
Feel unique, valued, confident and energetic.
Connect to your inner fire.
" This is my life.
I only get to live it once.
I will make the most of every single day"
Shine Brightly!
Julie Ivison

I have spent a lot of time planning these special meditations and classes.

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Let us change our lives from the inside out.

Enjoy them.

Many of them teach you a little more about Yoga & Ayurveda as a holistic system of medicine as you practice.

Thank You 

Namaste Julie

Week 4 - A change of heart - Loving Kindness

This is the fourth of The Rainbow Teachings.
How to love - The heart chakra.
How many of us have been taught to love ourselves?
Usually we are taught to compete with others at school or even before that.
We can never be good at everything, therefore we are always failing.
We are always trying to please others or be better than others, our teachers, parents, friends, partners, children, god.
What makes you happy or content?
Can you love and care for yourself first?
If you can't, if you are full of need because your life is unfulfilled.
Then you teach those you love to be needy.
Let us go back to the wisdom of this 5th Century Meditation
This is an ancient Buddhist Meditation known as Metta Meditation.
It could change how you see things.....how you feel things.
I hope it fills you with self - love.
Namaste Julie

Week 5 - A meditation for Inner Peace & Silence

This is the fifth of the keys to health & happiness.
The element of Space - feeling it, finding it.
Bring silence and peace into your life.
Practice Akasha Mudra - Touching the Void Hand Gesture.
Free up space within your body and mind by getting rid of things you don't need.
Get rid of your clutter, make your self a special space in your home.
A sanctuary.
This mudra helps you in gaining the virtue of aparigraha or non- greediness.
The stone is turquoise.
Listen to the teacher within.
"From my heart I speak my truth with clarity, certainty & love"
Affirmation is from The book of stones.

Week 6- A meditation for Inner Wisdom

Third Eye Chakra
Connect to your inner wisdom.
Learn an important breathing technique in yoga known as Nadi Shodhana. It balances, calms and soothes your nervous system, improves concentration and focus, regulates body temperature and improves sleep.
Turn off the mind chatter and find deep wisdom within.
Have you ever chanted Om?
Join me at the end of this mediation and feel the vibration from my voice, your voice and my singing bowl calm your mind.

My classes have been carefully planned. Not only will you learn how to practice yoga and meditation but you will gradually learn more about Ayurveda. Learn how to use this wonderful holistic system of Medicine to improve health and well being. Yoga is not meant to be an exercise program, exercise programs don't touch your heart and mind, it is a wellness program.

Add depth and detail to your practice, make it special with Mudras - Hand Positions, Marmas - Yoga Acupressure points, Essential Oils, Singing Bowls, Self Massage, Music, Chanting, Crystals and Colour.

The newsletters gradually teach you about healthy eating, herbs and spices.

Bird Song my online book has many delicious modern vegetarian recipes.

I want to share all of my knowledge of Ayurveda, if you are unable to come to class then subscribe to Heart to Heart my online yoga classes...make sure you have had lesson face to face with a teacher first. Some of the classes are very gentle, others are for intermediate students.

Be happy, healthy and wise.

Week 7 - Balanced & Whole

The colours of the rainbow are always in the sky.
We need the right conditions to see them.
We need sunlight, rain and our eyes.
Our eyes are unique to us, the colour we see is unique to us.
We are full of light too
Quieten your mind, start to see the light within you.
Shine brightly my friend.

Mind Training using Mudra Meditation

Garuda Mudra - Freedom

          Eagle Wisdom

A meditation on the present moment.
Thich Nhat Hanh — 'The present moment is the only moment available to us and it is the door to all other moments.'
Listen to the wisdom of the trees, feel connected to them.
They may talk to you, in their own quiet way.
Of peace and beauty and the present moment.
We all share our environment with birds and insects and trees. Mostly we are caught up in our busy mind and take no notice of them. If we notice them, it brings us into the present moment. They begin to feel like part of our family or community and our whole world can change.
We begin to feel a deep sense of belonging.

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Mental Strength & Relaxation - 30 Minute Meditation

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest and most effective forms of relaxation. It is practiced laying down. Initially it is used to remove the exhaustion of modern living, giving you energy and bringing more peace and joy into your life. You may fall asleep as you practice. Over time you become more aware of your body and how to relax, you can focus and slow down your breath. You can let go of pain. Yoga Nidra helps to develop powerful internal awareness and great mental strength. You have the rest of your life to practice, growing stronger and wiser. Take your time, enjoy each moment.

                           A seven day meditation course.

                           A free gift from heart to heart.

       Seven 10 minute Crystal Healing Meditations.

                 Is it time to change your mind? 

         Practice one meditation a day for a week. Each is 10 minutes.

         Learn powerful breathing techniques.

         Beautiful affirmations.

         Chant Om

         Sit in silence

         Can a crystal change your mind? 

Day 2 - Carnelian Crystal Meditation. Flexible & Creative

Day 3 - Citrine Crystal Meditation for confidence & willpower

The beautiful hand gestures of yoga. Powerful for your mind, and often taught with specific yoga asana or breathing exercises

Garuda Mudra is a beautiful AIR Mudra
It encourages FREEDOM
As you practice it reminds you that you are like the eagle, responsible for your own freedom and encourages you to explore new ways of thinking and new situations.
Don't get stuck in this busy modern world.
Find ways to step out and into nature.
Stay wild and free.

Hakini Mudra - Focus

In yoga philosophy HAKINI is the guardian of the doorway to higher consciousness.
She personifies the energy of the Third Eye Chakra
In Western philosophy this Mudra helps you tap into your intuition and inner wisdom.
The two eyes see the outside world, your third eye which sits between your brow sees your inner world or maybe "feels" is a better word.
This powerful Mudra is said to enhance your intellectual capacity.
If your mind is in a whirl, if you are unable to focus properly, if
you are indecisive, forgetful or feel like you are losing your mind. Try this short yoga sequence.
Let me know if it helps.
Namaste Julie

1 Hour Yoga & Ayurveda - Mudra Workshop

Everyone can practice the hand gestures only as a 1 hour meditation class.
The yoga postures are for intermediate students.
Learn the 5 energies of Yoga & Ayurveda, how they relate to your health and well being and how to bring them into a yoga class using hand gestures or mudra.
Trust in your heart - train your mind to listen and be quiet.

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