Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali

The Festival of Lights

Today is the beginning of Diwali a festival connected to the Indian Goddess Lakshmi

I understand the goddesses as spiritual teachings.

We have the qualities within us already.

Lakshmi is the goddess of beauty, love and abundance.

The loveliest qualities to cultivate, experience, feel and most importantly share.

During this time special candles are lit and sweets.... lollies in Australia, are shared.

Instead of sweets, what about offering the sweeter, gentler, kinder side of yourself to the world for the next 5 days?

It might begin with playing a role. See how it feels, it might become you.

This is what it means to embody Lakshmi.

"She" might not stay with you for long but I hope "she" stays with you forever.

A ceremony always helps you to make things real.

My mentor Swami Saradananda has given me a beautiful practice for Diwali which I will add a little more too. 

After the New Moon 21:48  25/10/2022  in Australia.

Light all the candles in your home and sit quietly with one of them and watch it's flame for as long as you enjoy it.

Afterwards rest your hands on your heart and find someone you need to forgive, begin with yourself.

"I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Thank You.

I love you."

Then write down a wish or intension for the coming year.

It is the New Year in Celtic and Northern Indian Tradition.

Writing your wish down and acting loving and gentle embodies Lakshmi.

Instead of lollies I share the wisdom with you.

Namaste Julie

Essential Oils for your ceremony are the beautiful flowers such as white lotus, rose or jasmine.

Happy Diwali!

The benefits of practicing at home

Spring is a time for positive changes.

Making a special space in your home to practice yoga and meditation really does encourage you to spend time there and the more you practice the more you benefit, physically, mentally and spiritually.

If your mat is set up in a lovely spot with perhaps a candle, flowers, crystals. inspiring books, house plants and other things you love. You are drawn to your space more and more.

A place of privacy, rest, relaxation and nurturing in your own home is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Ask Bev..she has set up her own special space and inspired this section of the newsletter.

You can even practice my classes in your space for free.

Or even better start the Yoga & Ayurveda Course.

A women’s path to health & well -being can begin in your lovely space.

A Laptop is best, phones are small and tinny and you lose the good vibes.

Yoga for October

There has been so much rain….rain is obviously the water element and it may be a bit out of balance within you at the moment! Physically it can make you more prone to “wet” conditions such as colds, coughs and flu. Add the heat and the very humid conditions can cause oedema which will be noticed more in your ankles and hands but also bloating and more fluid around your heart. Fungal conditions increase and it is important to look after your skin, with skin brushing and special oil blends. See last Octobers 2021 Newsletter for more information on Gentle Cleansing practices for spring.

Mentally too much rain causes too much moaning!

You may have been feeling down, lethargic perhaps, even depression can increase

We focus on the weather so much because it effects us in many ways. Our holidays can be a wash out, we stay indoors mare than is good for us and studies have shown we cry more.

How do we stay balanced?

Practice a lot of gentle flow yoga. Online classes on my website recommended include: The Sacral Chakra Flow Class. The Tree of Life. The Heart Flow Class. The Moon Flow Class. They will really improve a lot of the above mentioned symptoms. All are excellent for the immune  system and lymphatic drainage helping with all the physical symptoms mentioned above. They are classes that leave you feeling joyful and loving.

In class this month we will practice asana and movement to help balance the Water Element. Which is also part of the Sacral chakra and Kapha Dosha. We will practice lots of lovely flowing movement choreographed by me to the beautiful music of Sacred Earth and listen to inspiring, joyful and beautiful teachings. Yoga can change your mind.

Keep singing in the rain and don’t forget your beautiful smile... Namaste Julie

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