Have a lovely Christmas - Wishing you joy and peace.

It is important in our lives to give because it affects OUR wellbeing. Doing something for someone else makes US happy.

Empire Bay Yoga is sponsoring an Australian disadvantaged child with The Smith Family her name is Mariah and she is 9 years old. Money that I receive from yoga fees and workshops will contribute to this monthly payment..

Thank You !

Mooning Around !

I hope you are enjoying the cooling, strengthening moon salutations and yoga asana that we are practicing at the moment. As you have discovered these postures are very strengthening for the legs, back, neck and chest.

Yin Yoga

Summer is a great time to practice yin yoga which  encourages us to be more open, quiet, forgiving and yielding. It works deeper into the body, strengthening ligaments, joints and bones. Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work only half the body. The muscular Yang tissue. Many of the Yin asana are challenging because they involve holding in stillness for more than 2 minutes. I have learnt how to adapt these postures as many of them are intermediate to advanced yoga asana. Explore Yin yoga with me safely and become more flexible.

Yin yoga is a form of deep meditation, feeling the sensations running through your body, encouraging prana and pranayama (deep breathing)

A Summer Meditation

This is a lovely time of year to tune into the sense of touch.

Lay outside preferably in the grass or sand.

Close your eyes, smile and feel the earth beneath you.

Which parts of your body are touching the ground?

Now become aware of your breath, just watching -  allow it to flow naturally.

Scan your body, can you feel any tension feel it dissolve as you breath out and  let go.

Become aware of the air around you...feel the wind as it gently brushes your skin...the coolness of the breeze ...keep your focus on this gentle touch.

Stay for at least 5 minutes observe how you feel, open your eyes and enjoy a walk or a swim. Or even better close your eyes again and sink deeper into your commune with nature.

Ayurveda - Singing Bowls

Sound Therapy. Sound is a vibration a powerful energy which travels through the body. Sound is used to bring about positive changes in health both mentally and physically. For more information see Dr Gaynors presentations on You Tube. They are very interesting, he uses singing bowls and chanting as part of his oncology treatments. “Dr. Gaynor  pioneered the use of sound, chanting, and music in conjunction with metal and crystal singing bowls as an adjunct to conventional medical therapy.”

We are all effected by music. Some is relaxing and some uplifting and makes us want to dance.

My singing bowl that I use to end class was bought because I thought it would be nice to have some sound to bring the relaxation slowly to an end. I chose it because of its size and shape. I now know so much more about these lovely bowls. Singing Bowls are part of an ancient belief in the magic of sound to heal. They were and still are handcrafted in Tibet to create a musical note and to work on the chakras or 7 emotional energy centres of the body. My singing bowl I have discovered is the note A. It is connected to the third eye chakra or our inner awareness and wisdom. Our eyes see the outside world and our third eye located between the brows looks inwards - as it turns out this is the perfect bowl for meditation.

I have just bought a new bowl and I know quite a few of you have had a chance to try and feel the vibration and play both bowls already. This bowl plays the  note F and was bought specifically because It is connected to the heart. What can I say - it sounds and feels lovely and the vibration goes on forever. It came with a dedication “May anyone who merely sees, hears or touches this bowl live in happiness forever” How nice is that. I would love to own the full set of 7 musical notes, connected to the 7 chakras and have put in a special request to Father Christmas. Maybe I will have another to introduce and listen to in a meditation in the New Year.

Food Therapy

Enjoy the festive season, eat well, taste every mouthful, feel how it connects family and friends. Taste is one of our senses and Christmas is a time to celebrate it! Enjoy all that delicious food that you love. Wishing you a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!

Namaste Julie

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