The Heart of Yoga - The Air Element

The greatest gift you can give your family and friends is "your" happiness.


Moon Flower

"I have decided to stick with love....hate is too great a burden to bear"

Martin Luther King

How you feel - The Air Element.

Movement flows through you, air flows through you but also thoughts flow through you.

By now you may realise you are not your thoughts.

The essence of you is love, peace, knowing, a connection to everything around you. 

We are moving up your body to your heart, your thoracic spine, your chest, breasts, arms & hands. 

You feel with your hands, you feel with your heart and the yoga classes are lovely to practice, very gentle and full of positive messages.

You may also have realised that the parts of your body with illness or disease are connected to one, some or all of the sections. It depends how long you have been out of balance.

Now it will be easier to understand which yoga, meditation, foods, herbs etc will help and support you.

*This includes serious diseases such as breast cancer. Yoga cannot cure you, but it can make you feel more, heal more, accept more and embrace life more..Yoga asana can also help with improving the immune system. Improving the health of all the systems of the body in fact.

Bring more mudras, more heart into your practice.

The power of mudras, the hand positions of yoga is not to be underestimated for changing your mind. Your hands are connected to how you feel which includes your sense of touch.

You often hear "open your heart" in yoga but what does this mean?

 Read more in my August 2017

A conversation that matters

Moon Flower

Moon Flower

Sit with your palms together at the heart.

Feel the breath in your chest rising and falling.

Can you feel your heart beat.

You are connecting to the essence of who you are.

Pure love.

Ask your heart.

What can I do today to make you happy? 

Singing, dancing, walking, stroking your dog, sitting in the sunshine. What comes up for you?

What do I do that hurts you?

Notice it is often thoughts of things that happened in the past that hurt and cause emotional pain.

This moment in time is beautiful, just you and your heart, your breath, nothing else needed. 

Pay close attention to your feelings and promise the heart of you that you will return often to listen and learn.

I pass you this beautiful flower, keep her in your heart.

A moon flower, soft, delicate, healing.

Be grateful, be kind, be content.

"Moon Flowers are special flowers that reach out and touch something within you.

They speak to your heart, each seems to have it's own message.

Look out for them in your life. 

Talking is not the best form of communication."

Julie Ivison

Links to Yoga Classes in this section

The Heart Flow Class is beautiful to practice as well as being a special class for the immune system

1/ Heart Flow - Beginner onwards 

2/ Power is in your hands - Learn more about Ayurveda as well as Mudra  

Short Yoga Sequences

1/ Chin Mudra  Free Meditations

2/ Padma Mudra Free Meditations

Mudra Workshop & Yoga Class.
Mudra Workshop & Yoga Class.

Power is in Your Hands

Mudra Workshop & Yoga Class

Learn about the 5 energies of yoga and how to use them in your life.

Each is represented by a finger.

The Mudras of yoga, the hands gestures add so much to your yoga & meditation practice.

Practice the gestures in a chair - Everyone

Or learn specific asana to enhance them and follow me through a Beginner to Advanced Yoga Class

Links to perhaps the most life changing meditations?

Moon Flower

Moon Flower

The forgiveness meditation is very difficult to practice but can change your life.

We hold onto so much pain and hurt in our hearts, we need to release it.

To be free, light and easy.

I must mention Louise Hays book "You Can Heal your Life."

I recommend reading it throughout the next couple of months.

Change how you feel, don't be a victim of your past experiences.

1/ The forgiveness meditation  Strong Women

2/ Green Stone Meditation Free Meditations

3/ Padma Mudra yoga sequence Free Meditations

Bird Song

Practice week 25 to 32 of Bird Song

You are going a bit deeper now, making changes in your life.

Spend more and more time out in the beautiful green of our natural world.

The Rainbow Teachings



Air - May Newsletter

Yam pronounced Yummmmmmmmmm.


Musical Note F

Vyana Vayu 

Physical focus - Chest, lungs, thoracic spine, shoulders, arms & hands

Follow your heart, change your mind.

Helps with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, anger...

I think you would really enjoy and learn so much from the book Mudras for Modern Life by Swami Saradananda. It's chapters correspond to the 7 sections of my course. 

"to heal

you have to

get to the root

of the wound

and kiss is all the way up"

rupi kaur

Food Therapy

To balance Vata Dosha May 2018

To open your heart is to feel a love not connected to a person but deep within you.

A love for all of life.

Namaste Julie ( My heart greets your heart )

Ready to move on?

My Journal March 2022

The new moon in Aries was the time to begin the next section.

What made me decide was water...

I was reading about the positive qualities of copper water containers, recommended in Ayurveda.

Online I found a beautiful egg shaped copper water holder and it had a stopper set with turquoise.

I now have it on my dining table...too easy.

Turquoise is a stone for the throat chakra, blue is the next colour, the next section of the course, for sound and silence. For the teacher and wisdom. I'd chosen my next gift to myself.

I needed a prompt to move on because I "love'' practicing the heart classes.

What a special time it has been.

On Shivaratri, the exact New Moon morning, I clicked on my emails to join Swami Saradananda's zoom satsang and there was an email accepting Bird Song for publication.

It had been a year since I contacted 4 publishers and I had let it go. Thought it wasn't going to happen and it wasn't good enough.

It is very close to my heart, my wish to share yoga teachings in a modern way, share my life and inspire other women to live a happy and beautiful life.

It was also my birthday this month and I had a lovely holiday in the Blue Mountains staying at Wollemi Wilderness Cabins.

It's been a "lovely" 2 months or more. 

But it is time to grow.

The change of season at Blue Mountains Botanical Garden
The change of season at Blue Mountains Botanical Garden
Our dream cabin
Our dream cabin
The mist maker. Blue Mountains
The mist maker. Blue Mountains
Female scarlet robin visits our cabin
Female scarlet robin visits our cabin

Create a beautiful life for yourself.

Change your world.

Change the world.

Everything begins with you.

Donations appreciated

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