Yoga for Winter-Work. Rest & Play.


Do you think of yoga as important work?

Yoga is a “body of work.” A lifetimes work. Improving always the health of your body but also your mind and spirit.

I believe it is the most important work you will ever do for yourself.

Keep up the good work! Corny I know but what else has more value to you?

Not money, your house, your possessions. You could be a billionaire but spend your life in pain, physical or emotional. I’ll invest in my health every time. I’ll keep practicing yoga and meditation, dreaming and learning.

Not everyone is ready or strong enough to take responsibility for themselves but you are.

Remember the Lotus teachings. I hope you continue to flower and seed throughout your life.

Yoga for Winter

Winter is the best time to work on your core as these asana warm the body. In winter we don’t spend long periods of time in Yin or Restorative positions as they are very cooling, but we will still keep practicing these beautiful, nourishing asana. We interspace them more with movement, balance and strength work.

Over the last 8 years the classes have slowly changed and evolved, we can do more, have practiced many different asana and meditations and there are a core group of students who have spent 2 - 8 winters developing and becoming more confident with the asana, moon flows,  sun salutations, chanting and breathing. I always hope that new students will stay with us and add to the yoga energy.

Sun Salutations

I have developed my own sun salutation which I hope you find graceful, warming and nourishing. It is an adapted version of the Sun salutation I was taught at Byron Yoga Teacher Training but I have added the beginning of Swami Saradananda’s Sun Flow which is a beautiful way to begin and really helps to incorporate Samana Vayu, the breathing technique which strengthens your core as you practice. I also added the lost but so important pranam after reading an article by Shiva Ria, learning to surrender, to lay face down and let go of any heat, pushing, that can build up and be counter productive in the sequence. Warmth is a much better word than heat isn’t it?

Once we practiced cat, cow but now in winter we also extend the leg back and to the side which works strongly on your core. As a beginner stay with the gentle, get the breathing correct and slowly become stronger. It’s also a good time to “work” on balance and this winter you’ll become really confident in your version of dancer & warrior 3.


“To engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation”

We will continue to learn some lovely chants. Everyone is getting more confident and it sounds amazing. If you are one of those people who have always believed you have a terrible voice and can’t sing, see this as a fear. Of speaking up, of opening your heart, of finding your voice. I love the unique voices, the low gravelly notes, the high notes, they add so much texture and tapestry to the “whole” sound. I have written Newsletters before on how powerful chanting is for the mind, emotions and spirit so I won’t mention it here. But sing your song!

This winter I am going to bring in more singing bowls and encourage you to play them and feel the vibration. Each bowl needs a different touch, handling and learning and to play them is meditation. It was lovely to sit and listen last week. Sound healing is another modality I have written of often.

Essential oils, Marma Therapy and massage. Another way to play but also engage in a powerful, healing modality.

We will also add some dance or intuitive movement to the classes. Dancing tree is very good for balance, the core and arms. Lets play, sing and dance our way through life.


Finally here we are, the one we need the most I think.

Learn to relax, to rest, to rejuvenate, to give yourself time. I hope to help you discover as I have, the joy of doing nothing. Finding the gateway to peace and contentment by engaging with your most important and simple teachers.

Breath – Sacred and always with you.

Darkness – Close your eyes and move towards her soft embrace.

Time – Give yourself all the time in the world.

Namaste Julie