August 2019

Holidays help you to step away for awhile, to find space and time, to let go of material things and realise that life can be simpler.

Family, love and laughter on both sides of the world.

Ideas flow.

This year I am going to start recording some of my meditations and classes so that they can be accessed by students.

August classes begin on Monday 5th

Our classes will continue to be warming and strengthening with a focus on the core or solar plexus physically and emotionally, inner strength, determination and courage. 


Practicing safely in yoga is always the main priority.

Many people have told me they can or can’t touch their toes.

Does this matter - NO!

Every asana can potentially cause injuries. 

Yoga is about gently reaching your edge - where your body can reach without hurting. Staying and breathing deeply. Overtime you’ll find that flexibility increases.

Using touching your toes as an example.

Those with lower back injuries should bend their knees

Those with high blood pressure should not take their head below their waist.

As a beginner it is very hard to stop and be gentle but it is one of lifes/yoga’s most important lessons. Many people think yoga is too hard for them but they are being too hard on themselves. Pushing, forcing, instead of holding, breathing and releasing.

My own body can flex and bend in many ways I never imagined possible. I have found my edge, been gentle, found stillness and finally learnt how to relax....time and practice.

You have the rest of your life to practice. Just 5 minutes a day, with a focus on what you need.

I hope to encourage you with student private you tube videos from 5 minutes to 1 hour.


Mudras are the hand positions used to enhance your yoga practice. They can be used anytime you need them, not only in class and help train your mind to be positive and strong.

We have been using 3 mudras during class whilst standing.

KSHEPANA MUDRA - Press the length of the index fingers pointing upwards and clasp hands together. Helps you let go of feelings of stress and negativity and encourages feelings of joy and freedom. Squeeze your hands together as you breathe and feel your strength.

MATANGI MUDRA - Guardian of Wisdom. Press the length of the middle fingers pointing upwards together. Improves mental strength, courage, harmony, creativity and speech.

KALI MUDRA -  Intuitive wisdom. Press the length of the ring fingers pointing upwards and clasp hands together. Improves energy and feelings of stability, wellbeing, security and strength.

Enhances the Mountain, Upward Salute, Warrior 1, Goddess, Squat, Standing half moon to mention a few.


I use Dilma black tea but this can be missed out. 

In a teapot add black tea.

1/2 teaspoon ginger

6 cardemon pods

6 cloves

Teaspoon of cinnamon 

This is strongest boiled for 5 minutes but still works in a teapot with boiling water added and infused for 5 to 10 minutes

Helps improve digestion and is walming and stimulating and excellent for winter.

Helps prevent colds and flu.

Enjoy a chai meditation.

Namaste Julie

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04.03 | 08:03

Amazing news about your book Julie, am so excited to see Bird Song in print. Signed copy obviously! 🙏🏻💚

02.02 | 20:18

Thank you for your kindness in sharing. I'd love to participate in the online learning

05.12 | 19:45

Morning Julie, would you have a spot in today’s 9.30 for a casual? Josephine

18.10 | 03:57

Hi Julie 😊,
Can I please go on the waitlist for Monday 8.15am class ?

Namaste ,

Mary x

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