February Newsletter

Why do you practice yoga?

Is it for your body, the teachings or how it makes you feel? I hope the answer is all three…..

 If you really want the changes and benefits from practicing yoga, then one class a week is not enough.

 You need to practice, once a day. Ten minutes, that’s all. You also need the system - Yoga & Ayurveda which guides you, gives yoga a starting point, and you need a special if small place to practice.

 Strengthen your body safely with the earth classes, with Hatha yoga. Then regain flexibility and begin to flow with the asana you now know well. Learn more about your breath, move onto the organs of your body and improve digestion, your core and your energy levels. Feel yourself becoming stronger because the next focus is your heart. Learning to listen and ACT upon the wisdom within you. Stable and strong enough to let go of the need to conform, then beginning to speak with grace and love, beginning to change, to feel connected and whole.

Two Yin Classes in February

Our first class in February is on the Full Moon, it’s the Yin side of the moon-thly cycle. Ha in Hatha yoga is the yang and tha is the yin...keeping yourself balanced. Your yoga practice should become more inward focused for the two weeks before the next new moon. Practice lots of yin and restorative yoga. Sit and meditate or give yourself a lovely self massage with essential oils. Long ago yoga was mainly yin, mainly sitting, meditating, holding asana but this is very difficult for a modern women, with a busy life. And we are often drawn to more dynamic strong and masculine styles of yoga. But we need the Yin side, the feminine side. It softens us, nourishes us and improves flexibilty and health in the deep tissues of the body, the ligaments and fascia.

 We usually practice a few Yin asana in class every week but the first 2 weeks of the month we’ll honour the moon teachings and practice  a Yin classes. They are beautiful for summer, cooling and calming, settling into stillness for 3 or more minutes. If the postures are too difficult, there is always a gentle restorative version to rest in. They help restore your energy, calm your mind and cool your body at the hottest time of year. They are so easy to practice at home. You don’t need a mat, but a cushion or blanket is recommended to put under your bottom whilst sitting. They really teach you where your body has stiffened and prana is no longer flowing. With time, patience, gentleness and grace. You can achieve unbelievable flexibility. The proof is in the pudding, an old saying of my Dads. Look how flexible I have become over the years...maybe pudding is not the best word!

The Chakra Balancing Chant

It was taught to me by Yasmin Boland in her Moonology Course and comes from a Yoga Centre in India where she was encouraged to share it. The centre’s work is founded on bringing back the feminine energy into us and the world. What does this mean? Love, nurturing, softening, grace, gentleness, surrender, patience, empathy. Men and women have this energy but it has been demoted in our society, seen as weakness. It’s the Yin of our feelings and experiences. It’s women’s business

When you feel anger, aggression, frustration, pushing, hate, arise within you. Try chanting it, it’s a lovely way to start your day and your 10 minute yoga practice, might become 20 minutes or even an hour as you add another layer of yoga over time. I’ll have the words in class, whenever we practice this beautiful chant.

Hari Om. Nam Lam. Mam Vam. Sim Ram. Vam Hum. Shiva Om. Swaha

Affirmations - Change your mind.

I was asked if it was ok to record the Inyan Flow Sequence on a phone, especially for the affirmations. I have written them for you instead. Take them home. Say them out loud. Add Inyan by Sacred Earth buy it and support them and don’t forget the Mudra. Make your practice graceful, beautiful and meaningful. The affirmations came to me as I practiced this sequence that I choreographed last year, it is evolving as your practice will over the years. Adding deeper meaning, becoming stronger, calmer, surer of yourself.    


My affirmations:

1/ Thumbs up, arms out to the side - Fire Element - Guru Mudra or Jupiter Gesture

“I am ready to transform, to change in any way I need to, in order to live a beautiful joyous life.”

2/ Thumb and Index Finger together - Air Element -  Chin Mudra - Unrestricted Consciousness Gesture. Slowly rotating with your breath from side to side, raising your arms and then lowering them.

“I am learning to listen to my heart, trusting my intuition and inner wisdom.”

3/ Thumb and Middle Finger together - Space Element - Akasha Mudra or Touching the Void Gesture

Sitting in stillness. “ I am peace.”

4/ Thumb and Ring Finger together - Earth Element - Prithivi Mudra - Earth Gesture.

Raise your arms, then slowly lower them. On the exhale, keep your arms still and feel the heaviness of the earth moving through you. “I am my rock.”

5/ Thumb and Little Finger together - Water Element - Varuna Mudra - Water Balancing Gesture

My moon flow. I can’t describe it here but you can practice the 10 or 30 minute sequence. It’s available on my website under the Strong Women Section of my yoga classes.

“I am the creator of my life. Maker of my own destiny.”

A perfect way to finish the newsletter. 

Namaste Julie