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A women's path to health and well-being.

     An ancient path for modern women.

Yoga should be taught with her sister science Ayurveda's principals and knowledge, using the seasons, the elements and the chakra, the energy centres which are like chapters in a book of self-knowledge and healing. Seven keys or doorways to a healthy, happy life. I began my journey learning about Ayurvedic healing and have a Diploma in Ayurvedic Herbology and later with a sore hip began yoga. We are still too focused on yoga as an exercise in the West - I wish to make it easy for you to learn how to use the energy that is within you for self-healing of not only your body but your heart and mind.  

There are three sister courses, here on the website, just follow the links; they can be accessed without payment. 

1) Is it time to change your mind?

A 7 day complimentary crystal meditation course.

Each meditation is 10 minutes, yet so much wisdom and knowledge can be found in them.  Explore different types of meditation, breathing exercises, affirmations, etc.

2) Heart to Heart.

A 7 week complimentary yoga & meditation course for beginners, follow the links at the bottom of this page.

3) Bird Song.

Spend a year absorbing the knowledge, growing physically and mentally stronger and learning more about yoga's sister science ayurveda.

To begin this course click here Strong Body & Mind

*There are options to make a small donation for online or zoom classes. $10

*Receive email guidance from me. $240

*As well as 1 hour - one on one zoom yoga & ayurveda consults or classes. $120

For payments click here. Webshop

What you will learn in the course.

You will learn how to create a healthy body with the physical postures. I have focused on bringing in the nourishing, feminine yoga practices. Simple through to advanced yoga, including Hatha, Flow, Yin & Restorative yoga.

Learn more than thirty meditations to help promote a healthy mind, special herbs and foods for your health patterns, self- massage, crystal meditations, essential oils, the beautiful hand gestures, all interconnected with breathwork.

This is the surface layer, the teaching meditations, yoga classes and Bird Song my book will encourage you to gradually move deeper and discover what gives you joy in life. The teachings are practical and inspiring, giving you the time, to really think and then make plans, always changing your life to make it more beautiful and all the time the physical practice is making you stronger and more flexible.

The course encourages you to study yourself. Your needs, loves, good & bad habits. Learn what you need to add to your life to feel fulfilled, content and calm and just as important what you need to change or let go of.

"The greatest gift you can give yourself, your family and friends, is your happiness."

As you begin to understand "energy" You will know which classes, meditations, food, herbs, crystal etc.

To use/practice to stay balanced and become healthier throughout your life. 

I recommend books to read as you progress but there is a lot of knowledge in the classes, my online book and 8 years of Newsletters. Just follow the links.

You only need a few things to begin

A journal or diary. 

A computer, ipad or laptop to view the classes properly.

Maybe a yoga mat. You don't need to practice yoga asana but I recommend you practice at least chair yoga. Yoga is one of the best forms of meditation for beginners. It gives you a focus, and it heals your body, makes it strong & more flexible.

Decide which course and step onto a new path in life, which encourages health rather than treats sickness. Which asks you important questions such as what you want to achieve in life and then empowers you as well as teaches you how to make it happen. Small steps over time are lasting, make your dreams come true.

Herbs & Flowers from my garden

Heart to Heart - 7 Week Yoga & Ayurveda Course.



Gradually read through the section on each element as you practice your classes.

The classes & meditations are not just exercises, they are full of yoga teachings and wisdom.

Week One. Section 1 - The Base Chakra

Spend at least 1 week on each of the seven sections.

1. Bird Song my online book is your time keeper and guide. Read the first 8 weeks. Bird Song

2. Practice the Gentle Yoga Class at least once this week. Free Yoga Classes 

3. Practice Yoga Nidra & Garnet Crystal Meditation at least once this week. Free Meditations

Week Two. Section 2 - The Sacral Chakra


1. Read Week 9 - 16 of Bird Song

2. Practice The Gentle Moon Flow Sequence at least once this week. Strong Women

3. Practice the restorative yoga class. Relax. least once a week. The Heart of Yoga

4. Practice Carnelian Crystal Meditation at least once this week. Free Meditations

Week Three. Section 3 - The Solar Plexus Chakra


1. Read Week 17 - 24 of Bird Song. Bird Song Week 12+

2. Practice The Full of Energy Yoga Class or go back to The Gentle Yoga Class. The Heart of Yoga

3. Practice Citrine Crystal Meditation at least once this week. *The breathing technique is really important in this meditations.

If you have reached this far through the course. There is an important heart lesson. Giving is receiving.

You must learn to be generous, not to take things without an exchange. The exchange in this case is a donation.

What is this course worth to you? $10 donations or more are very much appreciated. When my book is published I would love for you to buy a copy. Namaste Julie

Week Four. Section 4 - The Heart Chakra


1. Read Week 25 - 32 of Bird Song. 

2. Practice the beautiful Heart Flow Yoga Class. The Heart of Yoga

3. Practice Jade Crystal Meditation. Free Meditations

Week Five - Section 5 - The Throat Chakra


1. Read Week 33 - 40 of Bird Song 32+

2. Practice The yoga class Cool & Calm or go back to The Gentle Class

3. Practice sitting in silence for 5 to 20 minutes.

4. Practice Turquoise Crystal Medition Free Meditations 

Week Six - Section 6 - The Third Eye Chakra.


1. Read Week 41 - 48 of Bird Song 32+

2. Practice Prana & Health Strong Women and go back to any class you are guided too.

3. Practice Amythyst Meditation

Week Seven. Section 7.


1. Read Week 49 - 52 of Bird Song 42+

Did you read it only? Have you bought a plant, cooked more vegetarian meals, contemplated life and death, set an intention?

Life will change if you take action, if you do the work  and make small changes towards your goals.

That is how wishes come true x

2. Practice The Rainbow Meditation

3. Start again...take a year. Keep growing. Keep learning. 

But before you do, take a break, buy yourself a gift, you deserve the best in life. It is not easy to take responsibility for your health, your life, to face your emotions and look at them carefully, it takes strength. As you heal yourself, you heal the world we live in. Thank You..sister of my heart.

Namaste Julie

A dreaming story.

Miwa Gawaian tells how the Spirit Woman Korrobori came to Earth from the sky, and created the world as a place to rest during her travels. She created trees and plants, to provide food, beauty and shelter. Then she created two sisters to look after the world she had crafted. She named the sisters Wurrata, the Beautiful One, and Wiridjiribin, the Rememberer. Korrobori showed the sisters all around the world she had made, and taught them which plants they could use for food, medicine, and other things.

When the time cam for Korrobori to return home, the sisters were sad, and begged her not to leave. Korrobori took her magic staff and planted it into the ground, where it turned into a beautiful white flower. She named it Miwa Gawaian, although this flower is now known as the White Waratah. Korrobori told the sisters that if they needed her, they could always talk to her through the Miwa Gawaian. She would hear them and come to help them.

An example of a Yoga & Ayurveda Treatment Plan

Newsletter April 2019

About me

White Waratah flowering in my garden. 

The course is the "yoga" of everything I have learnt and experienced in my life.

It is gradually and slowly evolving. I enjoy and feel inspired to write, teach, learn and share. It all has all come together over seven years here on the website.

I have a Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Diploma in Ayurvedic Herbology, Diploma in Food Therapy. Certificate of Moonology

A Certificate 200 hours Hatha Yoga, 100 hours Yin Yoga, 50 hours Children's Yoga and 7 years of teaching yoga at my local community hall. I have run retreats and workshops and love being part of a community of like minded women

I am also a Radiographer with an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

This is no ordinary flower.

This is Murnong a flower that grows at my place.

The roots of the plant were an important staple food for the people who lived here before me.

Ancient systems of health & well-being.

This Course is dedicated to all the indigenous peoples across the earth. May their wisdom never be forgotten.
Thank You