Strong Women - Series 2

These classes are special, feminine, yogic healing classes. Yoga classes that may include self-massage with powerful essential oil blends for women, marma therapy, mudra, mantra, music.

They are classes that my yoga students have particularly enjoyed. 

They were created as I practiced at home and have helped me reconnect with my heart and spirit, to understand at last what this means and feels like.

My yoga practice has slowly evolved from a physical practice to a spiritual practice.

I hope to share some of this with you. 

Some of these classes are difficult and some gentle.

That is life. Do what you can. Accept yourself, forgive yourself.

Class 1

Every women should connect with the moon. Her cycles are our cycles.
Become stronger physically & mentally.
Especially helpful for anxiety, PMT & menopause.
A new moon.
A time to start again.
A new opportunity.
Another month

The first 10 minutes is practiced standing and is gentle.
The second is kneeling.
The final routine practice cross legged.

*Lotus posture should be practiced under the guidance of a teacher.

Learn how to bring 3 feminine Mudras or hand positions into your yoga practice:

Shakti - Essence of feminine power

Varuna - Cooling, calming and purifying

Kalaki - Key to good health

Practice an affirmation as you flow.

Hands palms together touching the middle of your forehead. *I listen to my inner wisdom.

Touching your heart *I follow my heart.

Touching the Earth * I am supported.

It is time to change our world for the better
Namaste Julie

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Namaste julie

Class 2 - Intermediate

Intermediate Yoga Class - Look within and find your strength
No longer a victim of circumstance but a women growing and learning from life's experiences.
The Goddesses of yoga provide a visual image of the strength we all have.
They are a way of passing down from one generation to the next positive, powerful women's teachings.
We have lost contact with them, in the West.
Call on Kali and find inner strength.

Class 3 - Intermediate to advanced

Sit and find peace and stillness, twist and explore your flexibility.
Saraswati Is the Indian Goddess of knowledge, creativity, arts & music.
For me the Goddesses are ancient teachings on how to live a fulfilling life..passed down with this beautiful imagery.
Each of us already has the wisdom in our hearts.
It just sometimes needs to be reawakened or relearnt as our modern world often teaches us the opposite, that it is material possessions and what we look like on the outside that makes us happy.
Fulfilled meaning - making yourself satisfied or happy through allowing your character or abilities to develop fully.
Keep on learning and enriching your life.
Live the life you dream of.
Listen or join in with her special chant Om Aime Saraswati Namaha
Namaste Julie

Class 4

Click here for Mudra Workshop and Free Meditations

Class 5 - Gentle Class

This is a wonderful, relaxing and gentle yin yoga class.
Healing, relaxing and energising you.
It includes a hand massage meditation and yoga postures to help you let go of tension and draw in prana or life force.
Thinking of this energy as oxygen is only the beginning of understanding what it really is.
Draw in energy as you breathe in and begin to feel this tingling or warmth moving into every cell of your body.

Prana has 5 different functions or types of energy.
Prana Vayu - Improve vitality - Energising Breath
Samana Vayu - Improve digestion - Nourishing Breath
Vyana Vayu - Open your heart - Expansive Breath
Apana Vayu - Relaxation/Letting go - Cleansing Breath
Udana Vayu - Change your mind - Expressive Breath

This is the first class and also the first type of energy known as Prana Vayu or your vitalizing breath it governs your inhalation.
For the Abhyanga/self massage, I use 30mls of organic coconut oil with 2 drops of eucalyptus, peppermint and tangerine. Don't use chemicals on your body, check all ingredients. Use organic coconut oil, sesame oil, almond etc. I love the deep and soothing richness of organic extra virgin olive oil...but it doesn't smell as nice!
I am a Herbalist & Yoga Teacher and I have a Diploma in Ayurvedic Herbology.
I love teaching all that I have learn't in my classes.
I hope you enjoy them.
Namaste Julie

Class 6 - Intermediate Class

This is a Yin/Restorative Class with Marma and Acupressure Massage.
It is an Intermediate Class but you can adapt it as needed.
" Marmas are special Ayurvedic energy points in the body similar to acupuncture points. Through manipulating them we can direst our Prana or vital energy for health, well- being and personal transformation. Marmas are connected to the chakras and nadis of yoga and can be used for balancing both body & mind. A knowledge of marmas and how to treat them is important for all those who want to fully employ either system."
From Ayurveda and Marma Therapy by Dr David Frawley.
The oil I have used is Jasmine pre -blended with jojoba. A lovely oil for your skin moisturising and toning but any natural oil will work well.
Jasmine is a special oriental herb, antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor.
It is calming and relaxing to the mind. Is recommended for headaches, emotional disturbances, fever, dermatitis and much more.
Join me as we practice yin yoga asana whilst massaging some of these special energy points.
Starting with the Base Chakra we open the flow of energy in your body.
This class is one of my yoga students favourites for how it makes you feel.
I hope you enjoy it too.

Class 7 - Forgiveness Meditation

Learning yoga has changed my life, made it easier and happier.

I never imagined I would become so flexible and healthy in my body.

The teachings have changed how I feel.

How I see things, how I feel about myself and others.

This meditation is one of the most powerful

Are you ready to forgive, learn and move forward, despite what has happened in your past?

Because of what has happened in your past.  





Julie Ivison

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